Plastic and rubber dipped gloves manufacturer

Founded in May 2004, Shandong Shunxing Labor Protective Co. is an expert in the development and production of various types of gloves including, PVC gloves, nitrile gloves and latex gloves. We made a splash when we entered the market with our strong production capabilities and proactive marketing team lead by our highly skilled engineers and team members. We operate advanced equipment in the production lines for our PVC dipped gloves and nitrile dipped gloves giving us a competitive advantage that has helped our rapid growth.

Optional Materials
    1. General Purpose PVC Gloves We are going to recommend a kind of PVC work gloves to you. This work glove comes with a smooth PVC surface and its production cost is relatively low.
    1. Nitrile Rubber GlovesIn order to make a pair of gloves used in different working environments, protective gloves being resistant to corrision and puncture is needed during the work.
    1. Latex Rubber GlovesThe thermal insulation and anti-slip performances of the latex rubber material are excellent. Being covered with a layer of latex rubber makes the glove adjust the gripping operation perfectly.
    1. Polyurethane GlovesThe wear resistant performance of polyurethane gloves is excellent and the gloves are very soft and flexible. But its oil resistance is not very good.
Infinity Applications
    1. Work GlovesThe production processes of PVC coated glove or nitrile coated glove with glossy surface are relatively easy and these gloves are very economical and practical.
    1. Anti Slip GlovesAnti-slip gloves mainly achieve anti-slip and wear resistance by increasing the roughness of the glove surface. For example
    1. Abrasion Resistant GlovesLatex materials have apparently better abrasion resistance than PVC and nitrile rubber. Coating only a layer of latex on the glove surface can make the glove adjust the grip operations perfectly.
    1. Chemical Resistant GlovesWorkers who work in chemical industry often need to contact with strongly corrosive liquid and a pair of reliable corrosion resistant work gloves is a good partner for them.
    1. Cold Weather GlovesThe damage caused by low temperature to the human body cannot be ignored. If our hands are exposed in an environment where the temperature is minus tens of degree
    1. Waterproof GlovesShunxing’s waterproof gloves are designed and produced especially for marine, aquatic, fishing and other industries. Because of the nature of the work in these industries,
    1. Cut Resistant GlovesWhen doing metal process or equipment assembly, workers may need to hold sharp tools or materials to complete their operations.
    1. Impact Resistant GlovesIf you use pneumatic tool such as: rivet gun, welding torch, jackhammer and some other hand-held power working equipment for a long time without protecting your hands

Users of different professions have different requirements for the safety glove. For example, a pair of PVC gloves needs to be designed a non-slip surface with high friction when being used in oil industry and mining while plush warm liner needs to be designed when it is used for cold storage operation.

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